HEAT is a company that gives you the opportunity to improve your lifestyle and eliminate your bad habits. We will prepare a delicious and healthy daily menu for you, which we will deliver at a time and place convenient for you.

Do you believe in the importance of the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy physical condition? Tired of unhealthy diets that don't work? Do you play sports actively, but do not have time in your hectic daily life to go around all the grocery stores / markets to choose the freshest and highest quality products for preparing healthy food for the whole day? Do you want to get rid of your bad habits and want to change / improve your lifestyle?

Become part of the Heat Food family and let's work together to change. Help us prove that a balanced diet is an important and integral part of our daily lives and should become a way of life.

Our mission

To prove that a balanced diet and physical activity is a way of life that will invariably improve your health, strengthen the immune system, increase productivity, mental and physical capabilities of the body.

100% organic products

The diets offered by HEAT include selected high-quality, organic and fresh (unfrozen) products needed to maintain a full and healthy lifestyle. Each of the dishes we offer is prepared by our chef, using a special technology that preserves all macro and micronutrients and pre-tested by our team of specialists.

Individual attitude

The HEAT team will pay you individual attention and will prepare a healthy daily menu, in accordance with your daily routine and preferences for a certain type of food. We can prepare the daily menu according to a diet sent by you in advance.

In addition, throughout the change process, we will be your partner to help you choose the most appropriate diet and exercise regimen. The HEAT team will provide you with the necessary assistance regardless of the difficulties and questions you have in working with the site, compliance with the diet and / or training regime.

More time for yourself

Forget about the time you spent planning, shopping, finding the right recipes, preparing a healthy menu for the whole day. Imagine that you no longer have a commitment to think about what you will eat and where to buy it. Every day you will receive delicious, fresh, healthy food tailored to your preferences.

The time saved can be used to achieve desired goals, change habits and lifestyle, concentrate on the implementation of the diet, start an already established training regime, as well as more time for family and friends.

Convenient and easy

You receive a variety of healthy food, which will be delivered to an address specified by you, regardless of where you are in Sofia. All you have to do is choose the most suitable menu for you or contact us to prepare a regime that is consistent with your goals and daily commitments.

You deserve the best, and we give it to you!

Защо HEAT Food - Удобно и лесно
Защо HEAT Food - Удобно и лесно

"Great fitness menu, high quality food, everything prepared excellently and always delivered on time. I highly recommend!"


"Thank you for complying with our needs and preferences. The food is delicious and varied, and the orders and delivery are always correct and on time. "


"I am very happy with the food, it is always extremely fresh, prepared entirely according to my preferences."


"Thank you and your team for making my vacation brighter and healthier."


"I would like to tell you that I am very happy with the food you prepare and that I feel better and already see results."


“Thank you for your kind deliveries. Thanks to you I managed to loose 22kg, which is I guess quite an achievement. Keep doing a good job. ”


"Thank you very much. I feel great. :) “


"The food was great… It was really tasty, even what I don't normally eat. Thanks!"

The menu is great.

We will pay individual attention to you and prepare a healthy daily menu, tailored to your daily routine, which will be composed of high quality nutrients needed to maintain a full and healthy lifestyle.

We are aware that any change is difficult and requires time and perseverance. Each new endeavor costs a lot of effort and commitment before it becomes part of our daily lives.

We know that the thought of finding and choosing the right diet to start, choosing and shopping for all the necessary products, preparing healthy meals for the whole day, and following a certain diet is frustrating and time consuming. Time that you can't spend in your hectic daily life and commitments to your employer, family and friends.

Imagine that you no longer have the obligation to think about what to eat and where to buy it. We will not only choose the highest quality, fresh and complete products, which we will prepare in a way that preserves all the nutrients needed by the body, but we will also deliver them to you at a time and place convenient for you. Saving this time during the day will allow you to concentrate on changing your lifestyle, diet and starting an already established training regime. In addition, the team of Heath Nutrition and our partners - specialists in sports and human biomechanics, will help you improve your diet and exercise regime. We believe that proper time management leads us to success.

Achieving every single success is a difficult process that requires patience and perseverance. There is no magic pill that will easily take you to your destination. It takes desire, will and dedication. The road is slow and full of many obstacles, but it is always easier when shared with a partner who is always by your side and supports you. We will be your partner who will help you, understand, motivate and will not criticize you. You, in turn, show what you are capable of. Take advantage of the opportunity we give you and stop following restrictions. Challenge yourself, your uncompromisingness and share the process of change with us.

He doesn't waste any more time wandering, but trust us. Let the change begin TODAY.