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Healthy menusoffered by HEAT, include selected high quality, organic and fresh (unfrozen) products needed to maintain a full and healthy lifestyle.

Each of the dishes we offer is prepared by ours chef, using a special technology that preserves all macro and micronutrients and pre-tested by our team of specialists.

Popular menus

Superfood mix

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1300 calories a day

2000 calories a day

3000 calories a day

Order healthy menus

You can order online at heatfood.bg, on the phone 0888 606 075 or by email info@heatfood.bg.

Orders for the next working day are accepted until 13:00 You can choose the specific delivery dates from the calendar on the menu page.

When ordering a daily menu for Saturday, the order must be made on Thursday, as prepared meals are delivered on Friday.

Delivery of healthy menus

Delivery price BGN 3.00 per day.

It is performed in the period from 07:00 to 11:00 at a place specified by you.

"Great fitness menu, high quality food, everything prepared excellently and always delivered on time. I highly recommend!"


"Thank you for complying with our needs and preferences. The food is delicious and varied, and the orders and delivery are always correct and on time. "


"I am very happy with the food, it is always extremely fresh, prepared entirely according to my preferences."


"Thank you and your team for making my vacation brighter and healthier."


"I would like to tell you that I am very happy with the food you prepare and that I feel better and already see results."


“Thank you for your kind deliveries. Thanks to you I managed to loose 22kg, which is I guess quite an achievement. Keep doing a good job. ”


"Thank you very much. I feel great. :) “


"The food was great… It was really tasty, even what I don't normally eat. Thanks!"

The menu is great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who cooks for you?2022-07-10T10:26:02+03:00

HEAT Menus are prepared by our chef, who has won a number of international awards. The dishes are prepared in a professional kitchen that meets all legal requirements and has all the necessary certificates.

What products will you consume?2022-07-10T10:25:43+03:00

The daily menus we offer are composed of high quality and environmentally friendly products, prepared in a healthy way, preserving the beneficial substances for the body. The products we use are fresh - not frozen, purchased directly from producers located in different parts of the country. The diet is prepared by our team of specialists who take into account the ingredients, caloric intake, amount of food, based on the information provided by you related to lifestyle, physical activity, ultimate goal, food preferences and more. Each customer who has ordered a weekly or monthly subscription plan will receive by e-mail information about the prepared food program for the coming week. Our team will expect from each client approval of the weekly menu, as well as additional guidance on the need for a change in composition, food intolerance or allergies to certain foods.

How do we deliver your food?2022-07-10T10:25:10+03:00

The delivery of the prepared daily menus is done at the time and place specified by you in specialized vehicles.

How is it paid?2022-07-10T10:24:53+03:00

The method of payment depends on the type of the requested subscription plan. When ordering a weekly or monthly subscription plan, the payment is made by bank transfer at the beginning of each week or on the first day of the month when ordering a monthly subscription plan.

How is the program prepared?2022-07-10T10:24:23+03:00

The HEAT team will pay you individual attention and will prepare a healthy daily menu, in accordance with your daily routine and preferences for a certain type of food. We can prepare the daily menu according to a diet sent by you in advance.

In addition, throughout the change process, we will be your partner to help you choose the most appropriate diet and exercise regimen. The HEAT team will provide you with the necessary assistance regardless of the difficulties and questions you have in working with the site, compliance with the diet and / or training regime.

Individual diet

In case you are not sure which menu to choose, we recommend you to fill it out our questionnaire or to contact our team. The questionnaire, contains questions related to your daily life, lifestyle, sports activity, end goal, allergies, intolerance, etc. After receiving the questionnaire, we will contact you by phone.

The answer to the questions will help us to prepare individual menu, where caloric intake and protein will be calculated based on weight, lifestyle, physical activity and more. indicators from the individual plan, and the amount of fats and carbohydrates based on individual indicators and as a percentage of total caloric intake.

Healthy diet in itself leads to improving the general condition of the body, metabolism, aiding digestion, strengthening the immune system and improving the condition of the intestinal flora in the body, tones and increases the possibility of physical and mental stress.

The sport Combined with a healthy diet, patience and consistency, it inevitably leads to achieving the set goals and improving physical capabilities, training performance and results achieved.


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